Shizuka Matsuoka, Solo Exhibition

“Shizuka Matsuoka, Solo Exhibition”
- Spreading Green -
Date: Sep.3th – Sep.15th
Hour: am 10:00 – pm 5:00
Opening Reception: 3th pm 3:00


Title: Spreading GreenⅠ Watercolor on Paper 116.7cm x 91.0cm


This is a solo exhibition of Shizuka Matsuoka, who is working on Tempera and Water color paintings based on the subject of “wide interconnecting structure of nature”.
The exhibition is held on the typical location of “Kai-koizumi”, where is widely known as a nature spring spot with high-purified water of “Sanbuichi-Yusui”.
Matsuoka focused on the rich blessing of water springing endlessly from the ground, and the “green” plants and leaves besides the water, meanwhile coming into bud and spreading and blooming widely and flexibly with remarkable vigor.
With the theme of “Vital Greens’ Vigor”, approxmately 20 works of tempera and watercolor paintings are released. One of these works, in “Spreading GreenⅠ”, thousands of leaves painted with transparent purified green, are spring from the bottom of the center and forwarding into the outside of the screen by depicting a dinamic form.
This core figure of “inside out vigor”, which is the common foundamental aspect in the nature world, is symply showing us what is the real meaning of “Life”, and directing us into the original “way of Life” beyond our daily world of the complexed and inward human societies.


Locattion: Gallery Ashihana
Hokukto-shi,Yamanashi,Japan 408-0031

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